Watch Unlimited Movies & TV Shows for FREE

I spent 3 months configuring our TV and movie box so you can watch all of your favorite TV shows and movies for free

Fire your cable or satellite company today! Want to watch unlimited TV shows and movies on your TV for free?

You can easily save HUNDREDS of dollars per month by cutting off cable and never having to buy TV show DVD box sets or movies.


I mean every TV show and movie you can possibly imagine. You can even watch shows from Netflix, for free. Watch video below and fill out the form below.

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What do you receive?

  1. Quad Core Android box with WiFi and Ethernet capabilities
  2. Remote control and HDMI cable
  3. Ability to watch Netflix
  4. Ability to watch any movie, even movies currently in movie theater
  5. Ability to watch any TV show
  6. Ability to watch all seasons of any TV show you can think of
  7. Can also watch
  8. Phone and email support if you have any problems
  9. Free shipping
  10. Box is 4×4 inches
  11. Cancel cable and never buy another movie again
  12. Want to resell and make money? Email me
  13. All you need is Internet and you can bring the box anywhere to use it
  14. Has Android operating system, so you can use it for the Internet, email, install apps and any other feature you want

Would that make you excited? I bet it would. Call me directly at 631-615-0024 and I can explain how this works. Fill out the form below the video for more information.


Fill out form below or call me directly at 631-615-0024 and I will explain how this is the easiest way to watch unlimited TV shows and movies for FREE.